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Having Your Credit Reports Reviewed By An Attorney After You Receive Your Bankruptcy Discharge

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After you receive your bankruptcy discharge order, your legal obligation to pay debt is extinguished. Debts that are discharged in bankruptcy must no longer be reported as “delinquent” or “180 days past due” by the credit bureaus. Federal law requires changes in the reporting status and if the correct changes are not made, improvement in your credit score after bankruptcy can be severely hindered. These errors not only harm credit scores, but often result in violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

It is important to have an attorney review your credit reports 180-360 days after your discharge. If you file bankruptcy through Sapinski Law Office, S.C. we will review your reports at no additional cost to you. All you will need to do is request an Authorization To Obtain Consumer Credit Reports after your bankruptcy. This form can be easily completed and signed electronically through DoccuSign. After we get the form, your credit reports will be pulled, reviewed and properly adjusted. This will be considered a “soft pull” so your credit score should not be affected. If reporting errors violate the FCRA and entitle you to pursue a claim under Federal law, you will be contacted about re-hiring my office or another law firm to pursue your claim(s). Pursuing FCRA claims is completely hassle-free. You won’t need to deal with any phone calls, meetings or hearings and you will not be required to pay any attorney fees or costs.

After the reports have been ordered, you will be sent a notice that confirms they were requested. Please note Federal law requires each agency to send their report directly to you and not to your attorney; therefore, you will need to watch your mail closely and forward the reports to your attorney when you receive them.

Don’t let credit reporting errors ruin your credit score. Whether you are a current client who has questions about this process or just someone who is thinking about filing bankruptcy and cares about improving your credit score, call Sapinski law Office today at (888) 298-1041. Let us help you improve your credit score after bankruptcy and get you started in the right direction.