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The Means Test

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Are you thinking about filing for bankruptcy? If so, you will be required to submit a means test when you file. The bankruptcy means test determines whether or not you have sufficient "means" to actually pay off your debt. While those who don't pass the means test are not eligible to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they can often still file under Chapter 13. It was created to prevent those who have higher incomes from filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In Chapter 13 cases, the means test determines how much your Chapter 13 debt repayment plan must pay to general unsecured creditors, such as credit cards and medical bills. If your income does not fall below the state "median", you will be required to go through the entire means test. The means test is a backward looking test. That is, it evaluates your financial situation over the 6 months prior to filing bankruptcy and then determines whether or not you are eligible for 7 and how much you must pay under 13.

Tips for Taking the Means Test

All information submitted to the bankruptcy court must be completely accurate. Errors could lead to a belief that you are attempting to avoid your debts through a fraudulent filing. You may be eligible to file for Chapter 7, but your income and allowed deductions must be correctly calculated, and the means test submitted without error. You need the knowledge of an experienced Milwaukee bankruptcy lawyer to help you through the process.

At my firm, Sapinski Law Office, S.C., I have served as a Milwaukee bankruptcy attorney for 20 years and have helped thousands of people file for bankruptcy. I can help you, too. I understand that filing for bankruptcy isn't an easy decision to make, but it may be the right one for you, and will bring your financial troubles to an end. Let me help you make the right decision.

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Most people who are suffering serious financial troubles will lose nothing other than debts they cannot pay and will qualify for Chapter 7.

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