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Examining How You Can Get Your Life Back On Track After Bankruptcy

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Many worry about what their life will be like after bankruptcy. It actually won’t be as bad as you think, if you take the right steps after you file. Some of the things you can do to improve your life after bankruptcy include:

Review Your Budget

Sit down and review what you spend each month. Create a budget you can work with and stick with it. Try to eliminate unnecessary expenses so you can save money for future emergencies. Some of the expenses you may want to consider excluding include: coffee (Starbucks), eating out, cable TV and your land-line phone service.

Pull Your Credit Reports Before You File Bankruptcy And After Bankruptcy

Pull your credit reports before bankruptcy and make sure all your bad debts are disclosed in your bankruptcy schedules so they can get discharged. After discharge, pull your credit reports again and make sure the creditors you discharged are no longer reporting that you still owe them money. These errors can really hurt your credit score. If they continue to incorrectly report to the bureaus after bankruptcy, seek the guidance of an attorney who can get the errors deleted.

Consider Reaffirming Debts You Need

If you need your car and plan to continue to make your car loan payments after bankruptcy, you may want to consider entering into a reaffirmation agreement with the finance company. A reaffirmation agreement basically restores your obligation to pay the debt and excludes the debt from your bankruptcy discharge. If you sign one, the lender may then be less likely to report to the credit bureaus that you included the debt in your bankruptcy. Then make sure you pay the loan on time each month after bankruptcy. When it comes to signing reaffirmation agreements, always seek the advice of a bankruptcy attorney, as the decision to sign or not sign can give rise to serious consequences.

Apply For A Secured Credit Card After Bankruptcy

Using these credit cards will help you improve your credit score after bankruptcy. Often you are required to put money down as collateral. If you don’t pay your credit card bill, the creditor can take the money you deposited and use it to off-set what you owe. As you use the card and pay it off on time, your credit limit should grow. As your credit report starts to reflect you can manage this credit card, your credit score will improve and other credit card companies will begin to send you card applications.

Avoid Sub-prime lenders

Avoid payday loans and debts with sub-prime lenders, as these tend to hurt your credit score.

Don’t Be Negative

Look at bankruptcy as an opportunity. You have just wiped-out your debt and have a clean slate. View each of the steps laid-out in this article as springboards to getting your life back on track.

At Sapinski Law Office, S.C. we are very committed to helping our clients get their lives back on track after bankruptcy. We even offer free credit restoration to those who file bankruptcy through our office. We want to see you get a real fresh start! To learn more call us today at #888-298-1041.