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Tips on Protecting Your Identity

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Last month’s shocking security breach at Equifax compromised the identity of approximately 143 million consumers, causing private information such as social security numbers, birth dates and account numbers to be leaked. This news has left millions scrambling to protect their credit and identity. Remember, when monitoring your credit, it is important to check all 3 major credit bureaus: Trans Union, Equifax, and Experian. Periodically monitoring your credit reports is a great idea, but placing an actual “freeze” on each of your bureaus is really the best way to protect yourself. When your reports are frozen, it becomes impossible for everyone, including you, to use your identity to obtain a new loan. After you freeze your reports, you cannot obtain credit until they are first thawed after you enter a pin number known only to you.

Links to freeze each of your 3 credit bureaus are as follows:

You can see if your personal information was hacked by visiting:

You can also check your other credit reports at this site:

If you are married, it is strongly recommended that you have your spouse freeze his or her reports also--your children’s as well. Please note that It typically costs $10 to freeze each report and you may be assessed a fee when you request to have each of the reports thawed.

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