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Coronavirus And Bankruptcy – What To Expect When You Hire Sapinski Law Office, S.C.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced businesses to adapt and change as we all adjust to the “new normal”. Sapinski Law Office is no exception. Even though Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers declared law firms are “essential” and can stay open, we are handling all our new bankruptcy cases without face-to-face meetings. This article discusses what you should expect if you hire our firm during this difficult time.

The US Bankruptcy Court is open and still accepting and processing bankruptcy filings.

You can still file bankruptcy during the pandemic. Even though the Courthouse is locked, your attorney can file your bankruptcy documents through the internet and you can appear at hearings by phone or video conference.

Consultations with us will be by video or phone

Your first meeting will be held over the phone or through video conferencing. This consultation usually takes less than a ½ hour and is always free. This is a no-pressure consultation and most don’t hire my firm during this meeting. Shortly after the meeting we will e-mail you a checklist of items our office will need if you eventually decide to hire us. To schedule a free consultation now, you can email us at or call us at 888-782-9423.

Documents will be exchanged remotely

You can email and fax documents to my office. We also offer an on-line portal for our Clients. If you are not able to scan and email, you can deliver without a face-to-face meeting by sliding documents under our Elm Grove office door (Suite #120). The documents you provide will be used to prepare your petition which you must sign before we can file your case with the Court.

Signing and filing the petition

The US Bankruptcy Court requires us to obtain and keep your original “wet” signatures. For this reason, we will mail the petition to you via U.S. Mail. After you sign, you will mail it back to us by U.S. Mail using the prepaid return envelope which will be enclosed with the petition. We will file your petition electronically and mail you your case number.

Paying our firm

All payments can be made over the phone if you have a debit card. You can also mail payments through U.S. Mail.

Your mandatory 341 hearing and discharge order

Everyone who files bankruptcy must attend a 341 meeting. During the pandemic you will appear from your home through Zoom or by teleconference. Before the meeting, I will personally call you and prepare you for the questions you will be asked. The final discharge order will be mailed to you in the U.S. Mail.

Indeed, you can file and complete a bankruptcy through Sapinski Law Office from your home without any face-to-face meetings. Your safety is our number one priority. Feel free to call or email us If you have any questions or wish to schedule a consultation.