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  • Tips on Protecting Your Identity

    Last month’s shocking security breach at Equifax compromised the identity of approximately 143 million consumers, causing private information such as social security numbers, birth dates and account numbers to be leaked. This news has left millions scrambling to protect their credit and identity. Remember, when monitoring your credit, it is important to check all 3 major credit bureaus: Trans ...
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  • Common Misconceptions About Bankruptcy

    If you are drowning in credit card debt or struggling to make your monthly payments you may be weighing your debt relief options. Bankruptcy is often the best option for many, but unfortunately some read bad information or get bad advice and decide against it. There are many misconceptions and myths when it comes to bankruptcy. MYTH #1: If I file bankruptcy I will lose assets. Many think they will ...
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  • Vehicle Loans - How Chapter 13 Can Help You?

    A vehicle loan can be a major expense. Sometimes we find we have borrowed more than we can afford or we find our budget has changed due to a drop in income or increase in monthly expenses. These circumstances can make our car loan payments unaffordable. Chapter 13 can provide help if you are having trouble making your car loan payments. Chapter 13 allows you to force the creditor to accept new ...
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  • Treatment of Unsecured And Secured Debts In Bankruptcy

    Unsecured debts Unsecured debts are not backed by collateral. That is, the creditor is not given a lien on anything you own. If the loan is not paid, the creditor may be free to pursue a judgment against you; however, they will be unable to take or repossess anything you own. Credit cards, medical bills and most payday loans are examples of unsecured debts. Interest rates on unsecured loans are ...
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  • Section 128 Compared to Chapter 13

    When it comes to dealing with debt, many options are available here in Wisconsin, including debt consolidation. Two of the most popular forms of consolidation are Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and a unique Wisconsin Statue called Section 128 . While both options allow many to repay obligations over time and get debt free, there are notable differences between the two. Understanding Section 128 Section 128 ...
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  • Exploring Section 128 As An Alternative To Bankruptcy

    A Wisconsin State Statute called Section 128 is a popular non-bankruptcy debt relief option. It allows Wisconsin citizens to consolidate their debts into one low monthly payment they can afford and gives them three years to pay it off. Because Section 128 does not involve bankruptcy, it is an attractive option for many. Although Section 128 is not a bankruptcy and will not be reported on your ...
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