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Credit Restoration

Restoring Your Credit

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Is filing for bankruptcy going to absolutely destroy your credit score? No matter what you might have heard, your credit score may not be harshly damaged by a bankruptcy filing. Furthermore, it will certainly not be permanently damaged.

Bankruptcies will only stay on your credit report for a set amount of years:

Before the bankruptcy even falls off your credit report, though, you can take steps to start rebuilding credit. This is where my Appleton bankruptcy law firm, Sapinski Law Office, S.C., steps in and helps-out. I have 20+ years of practice experience focused on bankruptcy cases and have helped thousands of clients throughout my career.

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My Revolutionary Credit Repair Program

Figuring out how to repair credit after a bankruptcy lowers your score, can be difficult. Thanks to my credit repair program, you do not need to struggle to find the path back to healthy credit. I have taken the time to carefully devise a program that considers factors that determine your score and streamlines credit restoration to an easy-to-follow process.

Using my credit repair program, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize what creates a “bad” credit score;
  • Manage any post-bankruptcy debt you might have;
  • Retrieve your credit score for analysis when needed;
  • Utilize the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to your benefit;
  • Positively obtain new debt and credit after bankruptcy; and
  • Refinance your mortgage shortly after bankruptcy.

Throughout my credit repair program, I hope to instill you with knowledge and confidence. I want you to understand you from top to bottom so your bankruptcy becomes less intimidating. In reality, bankruptcy can be a powerful, relieving tool, if you know how to use it.

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